Intro 2 Solids Playbook



Get my Intro 2 Solids Playbook for ALL the information you could ever need in ONE spot to safely and confidently introduce solids to your baby!

After reading this PLAYBOOK you will…

  • Know when your baby is ready to start solids
  • Be able to determine which feeding approach is best for you
  • Learn which foods to focus on and which to avoid
  • Understand the difference between choking and gagging and what the common choking hazards are
  • Know what to expect
  • Learn what are the common allergens and how to offer them
  • Have confidence to feed your baby!

This PLAYBOOK also includes…

  • Feeding schedules through 12 months of age.
  • FAQ from other parents just like you!
  • A 14 day suggested feeding schedule with variations to all feeding approaches.
  • Suggestions on how to offer foods safely.

I know you want the best for your baby and this PLAYBOOK is a simple and affordable way to get ALL the information you need to get started!


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