Super Simple Bundle


Super Simple Breakfast

  • Super simple breakfast strategy
  • 55 balanced breakfast combos
    • 11 weeks of week day breakfast
  • Tips for picky eaters
  • Cereal, yogurt, snack bar strategies
  • Weekly meal planning templates
  • Breakfast food graphics
  • My favorite breakfast products

Super Simple Lunches

  • 25 lunch box ideas (with visuals!)
  • Lunch packing tips
  • Weekly lunch and snack planning template

Super Simple Snacks

  • 50+ super simple snacks that will keep them fuller longer (that’s 8 weeks of snack ideas you no longer have to think about!)
  • 48 packaged snacks that are dietitian, mom and, kid approved
  • Tips on how to handle any snack request when it’s not snack time
  • Bedtime snack tips and examples
  • How to offer snacks so even picky eaters will eat them

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